B&R offers an extensive portfolio of products that support open and real-time capable OPC UA over TSN communication. They enable fully standardized networks for modular and flexible machine designs. Truly economical batch-size-one production is now a reality.

B&R's OPC UA over TSN enabled portfolio includes X20 PLCs, bus controllers, industrial PCs, panel PCs and a TSN machine switch. Configuration of OPC UA over TSN devices and the network itself, as well as assignment of access rights, is all handled in B&R's Automation Studio engineering software. .

X20 control system

The new generation of OPC UA over TSN enabled controllers can be used as field-level masters in corresponding networks. They offer considerably more processing power than older X20 generations with the same compact design. The controllers are equipped with high-speed Intel Apollo Lake I processors and enable cycle times as fast as 100 µs.

Bus controller

With the new OPC UA over TSN enabled bus controller, transparent vendor-agnostic solutions for real-time field-level communication are now a reality. It supports multiple cycle times and is just as easy to integrate into machines as POWERLINK components. With TSN mechanisms and gigabit physics, the OPC UA over TSN enabled bus controller is equipped to meet the needs of applications well into the future.

Industrial PCs and panel PCs

B&R's scalable industrial PCs and panel PCs are perfectly suited for OPC UA over TSN networks. Equipped with the latest generation of Intel Core i processors, the PCs are real powerhouses. They are also exceptionally rugged and well-suited for harsh environments.

TSN machine switch

The new real-time capable Ethernet switch can be used to set up networks using the vendor-agnostic communication solution OPC UA over TSN. It enables cycle times under 50 µs and blends in seamlessly with the B&R portfolio in terms of design and form factor. Non-TSN nodes can also be incorporated in the network via the switch. Implementing modular machine concepts is now faster and easier than ever.

Automation Studio

Configuration of OPC UA over TSN in Automation Studio is virtually effortless. This makes it easy to integrate OPC UA over TSN and the new publisher/subscriber communication mechanism into your machine design. The setup and configuration settings are simple and straightforward. No additional settings are required for the real-time TSN component.

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