With their compact and powerful products, X20 control systems offer the perfect solution for handling any task large or small. B&R I/O products can be easily added to the controllers; the X20 "slice" system offers the greatest possible flexibility here.

A width of only 37.5 mm including power supply makes the controllers the most compact in their class.

With POWERLINK, Ethernet, USB and RS232 as standard equipment, they offer ample communication options. A CAN interface is available as an option without increasing the size.

If the application requires additional interfaces, the controller can be modularly expanded by one or two X20 interface slots. This allows the entire product range of X20 fieldbus interfaces to be used.

The PLCs combine high performance and numerous integrated interfaces in a housing only 55 mm wide. That makes them only half the width of comparable devices. Despite the high performance, the PLCs do not require any fans or batteries, making them fully maintenance free.

They come standard with two USB ports, an integrated flash memory card, POWERLINK, RS485 and two Ethernet ports. Daisy chaining can be easily implemented with the integrated switch. The power supply is also integrated.

Additional fieldbus protocols are also available. For this, the controllers are optionally available with a slot for interface modules. All B&R interface modules can be combined with X20 embedded devices. Likewise, all X20 I/O modules can be connected to the controller as usual.

This product range covers a broad spectrum of requirements. It combines the performance of an industrial PC with the compact design of the X20 controller series. In addition, this controller generation supports OPC UA over TSN.

The products can optionally be operated without CompactFlash. In this case, the integrated flash drive replaces the functionality of the CompactFlash card. POWERLINK, TSN-enabled standard Ethernet, RS232 and USB are available as integrated interfaces.

As with all X20 controllers, the 250 I/O modules can be connected directly to the controllers and line up seamlessly. Additional interfaces can be added via interface modules.

Compact-S PLC
System modules for Compact-S PLC
Compact PLC
Embedded PLC

X20 modules

For an overview of available X20 modules, see I/O systems - X20 system.

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