The B&R portfolio includes a wide range of products and solutions not only for individual machines, but for the entire production line as well. Always up to date on the latest trends in the industry, we provide the most advanced automation technologies to achieve maximum performance on the factory floor.

The market creates many conflicting demands that must be balanced in each machine:

  • Higher degree of automation to lower costs and increase quality
  • Greater speed for more output
  • Integrated safety for humans and machines
  • Line and production management for quality certification
  • Energy savings and reduced environmental impact (e.g. waste water)
  • Synchronous and precise motion for high quality and less maintenance
  • Self-diagnostics and predictive maintenance to increase machine and plant uptime

We can help you rise to these challenges, achieve excellent performance and stay up to date with ease.

See how you can meet your market demands with our automation solutions:

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