Mechatronic systems

B&R's innovative mechatronic systems make it possible to manufacture small batches and individualized products economically. ACOPOStrak, SuperTrak and ACOPOS 6D transport workpieces through a machine individually and without being bound to rigid timing. The result is unprecedented productivity.

B&R has developed its mechatronic systems specifically for 24/7 industrial operation. They are designed for high availability under demanding conditions.

More quality

B&R's mechatronic systems can be fully integrated in any machine. This not only reduces the overall footprint of the line, but also improves processing precision. Individual processes can be perfectly coordinated with one another. External devices like robots can be synchronized in hard real time. High-precision processing is even possible during product transport.

Rapid changeover

Short changeover times make a huge difference in day-to-day operation. Change products or formats with a tap on your HMI screen. Downtime for mechanical changeover can often be eliminated entirely. Shuttles can be added or removed quickly and without tools.

Faster means more productive

The elimination of buffer zones substantially reduces overall travel distance compared to conventional belt conveyors. Available floorspace is more optimally utilized. Products can be transported flexibly and independently and then grouped together at a station for processing. Overall, manufacturing processes can be accelerated by up to 50% Mechatronic systems from B&R deliver a substantial boost in productivity.

Clean room production technology

ACOPOStrak and ACOPOS 6D can be implemented with up to IP69K protection. Dirt caused by mechanical abrasion, as occurs on conveyor belts and chains, is significantly reduced (track systems) or eliminated entirely (ACOPOS 6D). This prevents soiling and contamination of sensitive products and reduces cleaning costs.

The technology

A unique feature of B&R's track technology is the absolute freedom of design. Segments can be combined and arranged as needed. In this video, we learn about the technology behind all that freedom.

8 technological features

The benefits of track technology come from its unique features. Independent shuttles, unprecedented precision and intelligent system software. In this video, we present these features and more.

6 technological advantages

Merging product streams, parallelizing processing stations and increasing fault tolerance – track technology makes it possible. In this video, we show a variety of practical applications for the adaptability of track technology.

4x added value

Track technology creates added value. Full integration and unprecedented synchronization make machines more productive. Discover the ways a track system can boost your output.

Shorter cycle times compared to conventional conveyors

  • Higher operating speeds
  • Precision braking and acceleration
  • No need for buffer zones
  • Product movement controlled independently and individually

From just a few basic elements, B&R's mechatronic systems can be shaped into any number of layouts. Thanks to their modular design, existing systems are easy to scale and rearrange.

Improved ease of use

  • Operator protection in accordance with applicable safety regulations
  • Fast product changeover
  • Quickly add or remove shuttles
  • Replace track segments quickly and easily – without having to dismantle the entire track
  • More quiet than conventional belt conveyors thanks to magnet technology

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