As additive companies outgrow the startup mentality of prototype production and begin to look toward full-blown industrialized 24/7 operations, we will soon experience an exciting revolution in additive manufacturing.

Yet, big opportunities come hand-in-hand with big challenges. Like in all 24/7 manufacturing environments, machine availability is a top priority. This is an area where the automation system can make all the difference: B&R systems come with an integrated self-diagnostics tool, System Diagnostics Manager. Operators and service technicians can view dynamically generated web-based diagnostics without ever programming a single line of code.

The System Diagnostics Manager can be opened on any PC, smartphone or tablet. It provides an unmatched depth of information, including component serial numbers, module types, software configuration and detailed health status. It is the perfect diagnostics tool for boostting OEE availability.

When a faulty component is identified, replacement is easy and risk-free. The firmware for all automation components is stored and managed centrally on the PLC. During the first startup after service, the firmware is automatically downloaded to the new module.

  • Benefits of this approach
  • Simple and efficient maintenance
  • Component replacement: Easy, risk-free, no reprogramming
  • OEE availability boost
  • Safety system integrity guaranteed over entire lifecycle

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