See, in the video collection below, how the most creative companies on the market are already using adaptive solutions:


GEAF designs and builds machines and complete automatic lines for welding plastic materials using radiofrequency and thermocontact technology, mainly for medical and automotive applications. In this video, GEAF shows a Supertrak system used for the new machines; it grants product transportation extremely precise and fast, with no wear, no powder, no contaminants, perfect for the cleanrooms. This kind of technology allows increasing the OEE by boosting productivity and quality, cutting the downtime due to service and product changeover, very convenient, especially with small batches. Furthermore, guarantees unseen flexibility in production.

IMA Automation

IMA Automation has integrated its servo-driven assembly system for medical devices and pharmaceutical vial capping with intelligent track technology to enhance flexibility and throughput. The independently controlled shuttles eliminate gaps in output caused by rejected products, always assuring that the correct product quantity is collated for secondary packaging. A digital twin allows accurate simulation of new products and processes before investing in physical changes

JLS Automation

An adaptive cartoning system from JLS Automation uses vision-guided robots to load various sized cartons, on-demand, to pairs of shuttles on an intelligent track system. Pairing the independently controlled shuttles allows the adaptive machine to adjust on the fly to different carton sizes, effectively achieving batch-size-one packaging. No tooling changes or change parts are required.


"Bottling on demand" is an adaptive machine concept from Krones capable of batch-size-one forming, filling, color-coded capping, and labeling for beverage lines. It delivers an unprecedented ability to fulfill consumer demand for personalized flavors, portion sizes, and even labeling with consumers' names.

Each bottle is carried through the process by an independently controlled shuttle on an intelligent track system. Bottling on demand allows the shipment of highly customized rainbow packs directly from the production line – eliminating the inefficient process of manually unpacking and repacking.

Makro Labelling

Makro's adaptive labeler utilizes two intelligent tracks – top and bottom – one securing bottlenecks and exerting downward pressure, the other using synchronized pairs of shuttles, to serve as bottle plates and provide rotation for label application.

The Makro rotary labeler uses dual tracks to adjust container and label size on the fly. And because the track systems are modular, labeling stations can be readily added to increase capacity or run multiple container/label/adhesive configurations. Shuttles and stations can also be skipped for maintenance or replenishment.

Neyret Group

The Neyret Group recognized that inkjet printing can be a relevant alternative to stamping for direct-to-object (DTO) printing machines dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry.

Thanks to B&R's SuperTrak, the fast, flexible new machines help Neyret's customers reduce downtime and increase throughput.


The new viscous liquid filling machine from OCME was born to revolutionize format changeover. An integrated track system allows changeover at the push of a button – fully automated and without any tools, change parts or human intervention required. Motorized nozzles ensure maximum performance and high filling accuracy.


Thanks to the ability of the ACOPOStrak shuttle to move independently, OPTIMA has been able to close any gap in the production flow. The capsule that fails to pass quality inspection is sorted out right away and ACOPOStrak immediately moves up to the next capsule, and the flow of products continues without missing a beat.

PFM S.P.A. Packaging Machinery

With fast changeovers becoming an OEE mandate, PFM developed a stand-up pouches machine using intelligent track technology to perform format changes in just 20 minutes. Pouches are gripped by independently controlled shuttles that automatically adjust the pitch in a tool-free process that requires no machine sanitation and makes changeovers during shifts practical. Pouches are positively controlled by pairs of shuttle-mounted grippers throughout the opening, filling, and sealing processes – and can be programmed to include or skip specific stations, such as inert gas flushing and hang hole forming.

R.A. Jones

An intermittent motion cartoner from R.A. Jones applies intelligent track technology in its variable-pitch bucket conveyor system to achieve the flexibility to meet changing marketplace requirements. The adaptive machine can run multiple product types and a broad range of carton sizes, and infeeds products on-demand to accommodate the irregular infeed rates from upstream equipment.


The latest addition to Sarong’s filling and sealing portfolio is the Magneta. It replaces the belt or chain conveyors conventionally used to transport capsules through the machine with independent magnetic shuttles powered by a linear motor.

A shuttle receives the empty capsule and transports it through each station of the machine until it is weighed, transferring all relevant information to the machine’s programmable logic controller, and ready for removal.

The magnetic shuttle reaches high speeds and accelerations by reducing or eliminating the presence of buffers between the stations themselves. This facilitates format changes, optimizes consumption, allows different work cycles between one station and another, and guarantees the accuracy of capsules’ positioning under each processing station.


The bottle unscrambler presented by Seiko Corporation is fully integrated by B&R. With a maximum throughput of 250 bottles/min., it features two robots and an intelligent ACOPOStrak system.

The machine also offers remote assistance for monitoring and maintenance by mappTechnology.

Unilogo Robotics

Cleanline is an integrated system of robotized modules in the form of a compact production line created in accordance with the Industry4.0 concept. The machine is designed for frequent and quick changeover. Thanks to 3D printed format elements it will allow to launch a new package to the market within a few days.

ACOPOStrak highly flexible transport system guarantees the reduction of buffers and together with ABB robots makes the production process smooth and stable.

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