The Ethernet POWERLINK Standardisation Group has dissolved at the end of March 2023. Relevant information will be available here shortly.

When classic fieldbus systems reach their limits

Classic fieldbus systems enable automation products from different manufacturers to be combined based on standardized technology. However, limited functionality often made it necessary to use different fieldbus systems for different automation tasks.

This made it necessary to use different tools, required the use of more interface modules and ran up against limitations regarding diagnostics and infrastructure components.

Real-time transmission

POWERLINK as a successor to classic fieldbus technology, POWERLINK provides uncompromising performance and real-time capabilities based on the established global standard, Ethernet. A transmission speed of 100 Mbit/s and a synchronization accuracy of +/- 100 ns allow even the most demanding tasks in the areas of control engineering, robotics, CNC and motion control to be combined in a single network.

This optimally supports the advantages of an integrated control system solution. Users can focus on their actual tasks of designing the machine and creating an automation solution without having to worry about the fieldbus.

Leading manufacturers rely on POWERLINK

POWERLINK offers the performance needed to be the ideal foundation for future innovations and modular machine concepts. The freedom provided by Ethernet standard topology also allows users to optimally adapt the wiring to the design of the machine and thus reduce wiring costs. POWERLINK is an open technology and defined worldwide as an IEC standard.

Leading manufacturers of control, motion, sensor, pneumatic, vision and robotics technology already rely on POWERLINK. With openSAFETY, POWERLINK offers the only open safety standard for connecting integrated safety technology in accordance with IEC61508. This increases the performance of the machine and system and reduces downtime.

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