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B&R has developed a comprehensive lighting system for its vision solution. Lighting control is synchronized with the automation system in the sub-µs range.

  • Highlights
  • Lighting control with µs precision
  • Immune to extraneous light
  • Automatic adaptation to every situation
  • Integrated diagnostics

As integral parts of the automation system, both cameras and lighting are easy to synchronize with other sensors, motor positions and events in the machine application. Lighting control with microsecond precision is even guaranteed when synchronizing multiple cameras and light sources.

Each light has an integrated strobe controller, so no external hardware is required. The controller ensures a precise pulse current supply to the powerful LEDs. This enables light pulses of at least one microsecond duration at maximum intensity. The B&R vision system can therefore also be used for high-speed applications without any problems.

Light bars

The light bars can be ordered individually or in assemblies of two, three or four.


Ringlights are comprised of either four, six or eight barlights, and provide exceptionally homogeneous illumination.


Six backlight variants are available to allow flexible adaptation to the task at hand.

Factory calibrated

B&R calibrates its light bars and backlights prior to delivery. This means that lighting components can be exchanged in the field without requiring any changes to the machine vision application. Since LED intensity varies with changes in temperature, B&R has also integrated temperature tracking to adjust LED power automatically.

Simple cabling

Integrated into the machine network via an M12 hybrid connector, which also supplies the necessary 24 VDC power, B&R lighting systems each need only a single cable. A second hybrid connection enables daisy-chain cabling with additional lights or the camera.

Runtime flexibility

Many machine vision applications require very precise alignment of the light source to achieve good results. B&R's light bars therefore offer electronic angle adjustment from -40° to +90°.

When producing multiple products on the same machine, the lighting angle can be optimized between batches – simply set it once for each product and save it as part of the batch recipe. The electronic angle adjustment on the ring lights makes it possible to optimize the light cone.

Adjust the configuration at any time

Just like the angle of the light bars, all other lighting parameters can be configured at runtime to optimize illumination or adapt to new products. Combining LEDs of different colors makes it possible to adjust the wavelength at runtime to optimize contrast. Diagnostic data can be read from the lights at any time thanks to their network connection.

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