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Our Secure Remote Maintenance solution makes it easy to service plants and machinery anywhere in the world from your office or on the go. This remote solution makes it easy to quickly respond to unforeseen problems in addition to accelerating commissioning. The capacity utilization of your system is maximized as a result. Brochure: Secure Remote Maintenance

Secure Remote Maintenance: Fast, easy and safe

Service anywhere in the world

Offer your customers service and maintenance of your machines from anywhere in the world, or simply keep an eye on your own systems and machines. With B&R's solution, a service technician or engineer can access machines from anywhere in the world to retrieve logbook entries, application data and much more. In this way, multiple machines and plants can be promptly serviced by a technician. Downtime is kept to a minimum, and costly travel can be avoided completely.

State-of-the-art security
Between SiteManager on the machine and GateManager, dat is secured by an encrypted VPN connection further protected by the use of certificates. An additional level of protection is provided by a firewall integrated in SiteManager.
Access rights to the machine by service technicians is governed by GateManager and its integrated machine pool management system. Remote access can also be enabled explicitly using a key switch, which can be connected via inputs and outputs integrated in SiteManager.

Easy to use
Secure Remote Maintenance from B&R is extremely easy to operate. You don't need to be an IT specialist to configure it, either. Access rights to the machine are easily managed in GateManager using drag-and-drop. Using B&R's SiteManager also saves both time and money, since it only needs to be configured once for use on different machines.

Additional advantages with Automation Studio
As with any B&R hardware, SiteManager can be configured in our Automation Studio software. No additional configuration is necessary when delivered, and the machine can be commissioned even faster.

In line with conventional security policies
Secure Remote Maintenance complies with existing IT and security policies. No additional open ports are necessary. This makes implementation in your company network about as easy as it gets.

Choose your starter package

All components of B&R's Secure Remote Maintenance solution can be combined as needed. Put together the remote maintenance solution that works best for you:

Are you servicing machines directly on-site or accessing the data on a mobile device?

  • Access from PC:
    LinkManager 0RMLM.WIN
  • Access from Smartphone or tablet:
    LinkManager Mobile 0RMLM.MOB
  • Access from mobile device:
    LinkManager Mobile 0RMLM.MOB

What IT infrastructure is already in use at your company?

  • Virtualization platform:
    GateManager software device 0RMGM.SW
  • Hardware server:
    GateManager hardware device 0RMGM.4260-TP

Which interface would you like to use to service machines?

Terminal blocks

In addition to the general user's manual for Secure Remote Maintenance, additional documentation about the individual products and use cases is also available.

Additional documents

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