Solutions for the digital future

The Industrial Internet of Things is changing value chain forever and leading companies to rethink their business models from the ground up. What's the best way to implement the digital transformation necessary to remain competitive in this new environment? Together with B&R. We offer complete hardware and software solutions, comprehensive service and hard-earned expertise in the automation and digitalization of machinery and equipment.

Get fit for the Industrial IoT with B&R:

  • Plantwide data exchange
  • Remote data access
  • Analysis of data from heterogeneous sources
  • Integration of different fieldbus technologies
  • Digitalization of manufacturing systems

By systematically analyzing and networking large volumes of data, you can improve production efficiency and target customers more effectively. Explore new products, business models and distribution channels. Optimize your asset utilization or add new services and sources of revenue.

Get seamlessly connected and automated with Industrial IoT solutions from B&R.

Optimizing the collection and processing of digital data can yield particularly large benefits for legacy equipment. Tap into previously unavailable information and eliminate information loss at the interfaces between functions, sites and companies.

Industrial IoT – What does it mean?


For individual machines, Industrial IoT means closed-loop control in real time. It means implementing the latest software technology in greenfield and brownfield plants alike, opening up entirely new possibilities for analytics and control and allowing immediate feedback about asset performance.


With advanced edge computing, B&R enables central data acquisition for every module in a production line. Business intelligence and data historian features offer long-term trend analysis and forecast generation.

Plants and enterprises

Cloud computing delivers scalable and dynamic IT-enabled services. As the gateway to smart manufacturing, it connects smart machines and opens new windows of visibility into processes.

Boost network performance – Smart edge computing

The connected factories of the Industrial IoT generate and process enormous volumes of data in order to perform automated responses that boost performance. How do you make the most efficient use of a network without overloading it?

B&R can help you get the best real-time performance out of your network. After pre-processing data locally, B&R edge devices send it off for remote storage and analysis, which frees up more of your network capacity.

Efficient use of edge computing
Edge computing hardware from B&R ensures that your data gets from its source to the cloud safely and securely. Take advantage of this potential to boost your network performance. Discover B&R's edge solutions and the many pre-processing options they offer.

Edge solutions from B&R
B&R's edge solutions send aggregated, pre-processed data to the cloud. The cloud handles any remaining computational tasks as well as providing long-term archiving. Implement long-term evaluation and forecasting – Industrial IoT becomes reality.

Robust data transmission

Special protocols are used to transfer large volumes of data from edge devices to the cloud. B&R offers the widely used queuing protocols MQTT and AMQP. They allow data packets to be transferred reliably even in cases where the network connection has low bandwidth or is intermittently unavailable.

If you use OPC UA, you can transfer it directly over MQTT and AMQP. Outside the cloud, all machines and lines can be networked over OPC UA, regardless of vendor – ensuring completely seamless communication from the field-level to the cloud.

IIoT solutions for greenfields and brownfields

B&R's Industrial IoT solutions offer advantages for both new machinery and equipment (greenfields) as well as existing legacy systems (brownfield) in three main areas:

Optimize asset utilization

  • More reliable business processes at maximum performance and minimum cost
  • Highly flexible automation systems
  • Optimal utilization of available resources

Add sales potential

  • New business models such as pay-per-use  
  • Machine updates via software
  • Higher availability through precise forecasting and analysis

Optimize service

  • Leverage data to improve processes
  • New service offerings such as remote maintenance
  • Offer precise service level agreements

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