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For solar trackers, motion control is a core technology that must be implemented as inexpensively and reliably as possible. In real-world applications, B&R's fully integrated and compact Motion control has proven to be an excellent choice.

For visualization and control tasks on solar trackers, C-Series and T-Seriesdevices are ideal because of their compact construction and customizable front design.

B&R has the perfect solution for...

Compact drive technology

A number of options are available in the product portfolio for cost-effective use of drive systems:

X20 system motor drive modules

There are stepper motor modules available that are rated at 1 A or 3 A as well as motor modules with a half-bridge or full-bridge (H-bridge) rated at 3 A or 6 A.

X67 system motor drive modules

Stepper motor modules are available that are rated at 1 A or 3 A as well as motor modules with a full-bridge (H-bridge) rated at 3 A including encoder inputs for the IP67 protection class.

ACOPOSmicro compact drive series for stepper or servo motors

The compact ACOPOSmicro drive system is available for larger drives up to 650 W in servo or stepper motor variants.

Uniform control with Generic Motion Control

All drive technology components are integrated seamlessly into the Automation Studio development tool. Regardless of the drive and motor being used, all functions are available – from single-axis movements to CNC and robotics and an extensive standard technology library.

Cost-optimized visualization

The Power Panel C-Series and T-Series are available as cost-optimized visualization devices. The C-Series functions as a controller with integrated PLC functionality, and the T-Series is used as a terminal. Both series are available in various display sizes, formats and panel overlay colors.

  • These products are characterized by:
  • an extremely compact design,
  • an optimized border width without compromising the mounting and sealing surface
  • and cost-effective wiring.

Custom look and feel

Customer-specific panel overlay variants are available and after the initial prototypes can even be obtained as individual units.

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