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IP69K PC for autonomous agricultural and construction vehicles

B&R introduces high-end PC for mobile machinery

B&R is adding a high-end PC to its mobile automation portfolio. The new PC offers significantly more processing power and memory, giving it plenty of resources to implement autonomous functions for agricultural and construction vehicles or self-driving transport systems.

The PC is specially designed to perform in harsh environments. The housing temperature can be between -40°C and +85°C. The PC is also highly resistant to shock and vibration.

Ideal for resource and data intensive applications

Inside the mobile PC's IP69K housing is a powerful Intel Core i7 processor. It also has 16 GB RAM and 480 GB flash memory, making it ideal for applications that are computationally intensive or involve larger volumes of data.

The increased computing power is needed for tasks such as accurate path planning in autonomous agricultural vehicles. More efficient, more precise vehicles deliver increased yield.

From the field to the cloud with OPC UA or MQTT

The PC's high performance makes it optimally suited for smart machines that communicate with each other, process data and send it to the cloud. Tractors and implements can optimize harvesting efficiency, for example, by exchanging information such as speed and load capacity. B&R supports well-established communication protocols like OPC UA and MQTT.

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