Machine-Centric Robotics

Robot and machine become one

B&R now offers ABB robots as an integral part of its automation system. Customers benefit from unprecedented precision in synchronization between robotics and machine control.

Merging robotics and machine control into one unified architecture enables manufacturers to embrace the trend of mass customization and optimize their batch-size-one processes.

Machine builders will get their robots and machine control system from a single source. They need only one controller and one engineering system for development, diagnostics and maintenance. This lowers the threshold for those looking to implement robotics.

The ABB robots are programmed in B&R's universal engineering environment just like all other automation components. The robotics controller is an integral part of the machine control application. This merging of the two systems allows movements to be synchronized with microsecond precision.

Easy application development

B&R provides numerous functions that simplify creation of robotics applications. With the ready-made software components of mapp Technology, developers are able to quickly set up and configure the machine application, including robotics – without needing any knowledge of special robotics languages. Even safe robotics applications are easy and straightforward to implement.

  • Highlights
  • Single source for robotics and machine control
  • Maximum precision through microsecond synchronization
  • Easy implementation of robotics applications

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