POWERLINK as a standard Ethernet-based system represents the second generation of fieldbuses. This makes it possible to apply the full power of IT technologies to the automation field for the first time. POWERLINK is ideally suited for drives, I/O, visualization and data exchange between PLC systems.

X20 bus controllers
X67 bus controllers
X20 communication modules
PCI communication modules
Development kits

POWERLINK: Real-time industrial Ethernet is reality

Why Ethernet?

To simplify development, maintenance and the supply chain, there is a strong demand from the automation industry to standardize nearly all levels of data communication and network technology. With the Internet revolution, widely adopted networking and protocol standards from the IT world have reached pricing and robustness levels which make them attractive for communication networks in the automation industry.

  • The future of Ethernet is guaranteed
  • This established technology has been around for more than 30 years and continues to be developed. The long life cycles specific to the automation market demand a lasting base.
  • Ethernet technology is well-known
  • Ethernet and its accompanying protocols are considered common knowledge nowadays. The many different tools, programs, and components available has also contributed significantly to reduced costs.
  • Ethernet provides transparency
  • The Ethernet standards bring together IP-based data transfer protocols for diverse purposes. The integration of IT and automation by using Ethernet gives you real interoperability with Internet flexibility.
  • Ethernet is real-time capable
  • With POWERLINK, Ethernet is taken down to the sensor and actuator level, with cycle times down to 200 µs and ultra-precise timing precision down to the microsecond.

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