Application examples - exOS in action


Process data can be stored directly in highly developed database systems on industrial automation hardware.

Application: Injection molding machine

Production data must be stored in a database for quality control purposes. The database, for example MongoDB, runs in Linux. The machine control software, on the other hand, runs in Automation Runtime. exOS combines the two in a hypervisor configuration on a Panel PC 910. The efficient maintenance made possible by exOS helps minimize downtime after hardware replacements.

IoT algorithms

Machine learning algorithms can be executed directly at the edge. Machine and device data can easily be accessed and collected from the machine controller.

Application: Painting booth

Machine learning (ML) is used to optimize maintenance. A Tensorflow ML model runs in Linux on an Automation PC 2200. The same Automation PC runs the Automation Runtime for machine control tasks. exOS combines the two in a hypervisor configuration on an Automation PC 2200. exOS makes integration fast and connection easy.

Existing codebases

The Linux application code can run hand-in-hand with control applications on an automation platform with reliable long-term availability.

Application: Driverless transport system

Autonomous transport systems are based on a robotics platform. Dynamic path planning is executed in ROS under Linux, while motion control tasks are handled in Automation Runtime. With exOS, the two can be optimally synchronized in a hypervisor configuration and loaded on an Automation PC mobile 3100.

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