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We are pleased to welcome you to OrangePoint, the first B&R experience center and co-creation lab in Northern Europe.

OrangePoint offers high-tech automation, pioneering technology, and digital innovation at its finest. Through co-creation and partnership, OrangePoint inspires our customers to think outside the box and to see uniquely flexible solutions that maximize the performance of their future machine or factory. Together we define automation.


At OrangePoint you will find five designated areas/rooms, each with its own specific purpose. Fully and adequate equipped, all facilities work toward the goal of inspiring, sharing and adding value to our customers.

Demo Area

Be ready for the future. See the latest innovations and examples of Mobile Automation, Adaptive Manufacturing, and Integrated Automation for machine builders (OEM) in the Demo Area.

(VR room)

VirtualSpace adds new visual layers to design and test processes through virtual reality, virtual experiences, webinars, and presentations. Test your imagination and create your own solution.

(Meeting room)

Develop your concept in OrangeBox. The room can be closed off, making it suitable for both physical and online meetings.

Lounge Area

Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and sit comfortably in the lounge area. Feel at home! The area can also be flexible and used in our co-creation workshops.

Automation Academy
(Training facilities)

Develop your concept in OrangeBox. The Automation Academy brings technology and education to a higher level. Want to acquire new skills, knowledge, or learn how to operate with Automation Studio software? Get training from some of our best teachers. Find out more:


We present the following three main themes:

B&R offers a complete portfolio for machine builders (OEM) and system integrators.
At the same time, we have an entire ecosystem of products (hardware and software), service, training, and expertise, which makes us more than a supplier of automation. OrangePoint is where you experience key technology partnership, get inspiration, see innovative technological environments, and gain insights into how we work with our partners.

Within this dedicated experience center in the Nordic region, we facilitate all kinds of meetings and demos, showing use cases, specific production issues and challenges faced. Get an introduction in business development by our experts, and delve into the many values of integrated automation, bringing you faster time to market.

B&R offers a complete portfolio for Mobile Automation, designed for safety, performance, and cost efficiency. The platform is easy to enable full seamless integration with existing vehicles and IoT platforms.
The demands placed on commercial vehicles have evolved dramatically over the years. With new functions being added and requirements for operating safer, more efficient than ever, these vehicles need an automation system that is both powerful and scalable. B&R makes it easier than ever to implement automation solutions for construction equipment and municipal vehicles as well as for mining, agriculture, and forestry applications.

At OrangePoint you have the opportunity to experience a complete Mobile Automation platform including Software, Controller, Mobile HMI terminals with software components mappView and Powerful PC for mobile machinery.
The demonstrator is equipped with remote connectivity and smart cameras. We are also presenting integrated partner solutions such as sensors, cameras, joystick transmitters and cloud services. We are continuously implementing new functions and applications on the Mobile Automation Sandbox demonstrators so just let us know if you have any specific implementation or concept to become reality.

OrangePoint – where ideas become reality!

B&R's innovative mechatronic systems make it possible to manufacture small batches and individualized products economically. ACOPOStrak, SuperTrak and ACOPOS 6D are systems that transport items through a machine individually and without being bound to rigid timing. The result is unprecedented productivity.

The mechatronic systems are developed specifically for 24/7 industrial production, perfectly fit for high-level performance under demanding conditions. At OrangePoint we demonstrate how to overcome those conditions and other challenges as well by applying the right technology. Various test modules show specific examples of how to increase throughput and how to move products flexibly and independently. We also share our insights on how to utilize the absolute freedom of design, achieving a substantial boost in productivity.
Designing adaptive machines requires creativity and co-creation. With B&R as partner, we are set on finding the solution that fits your needs.

Get a look at the B&R mechatronic systems:

Join us on a virtual tour through OrangePoint and experience a bit of the atmosphere and get a sneak peak of all the cool demonstrators.
VR glasses are not necessary to get a good experience of the tour.

OrangePoint Virtual Tour


With the opportunity to participate both physically and remotely, we have various kinds of offers at OrangePoint. Please contact your local B&R representative to find out more about your options and what we have to offer in terms of workshops, educational activities, meetings, etc., as each of these are structured and fitted according to specific customer needs.

Co-creation workshops - Choose between several variants of co-creation workshops based on proven methods and our expertise. Topics vary between technical automation solutions, new automation platforms, or development and creation of new future-proof business models. Even though we have a proven framework and methodology of our co-creation workshops, we tailor and adapt each workshop based on your driving forces, prioritization, challenges and opportunities.

Co-creation Lab tests - Before going live with your innovation and machine concept you can test it out in our CoLab. The concept takes place in a simulated environment or physically hands-on at our demonstrators in OrangePoint.
The CoLab tests may cover conceptual tests of mechanical or electromechanical equipment, but may also include entire control-loop tests, or system integration tests towards local or remote IT/OT infrastructure. As part of the proof-of-concept, we offer access to our technical and application experts.
We also offer prototyping on 3D printed fixtures for the shuttles customized to your unique application.

Educational activities - At the Automation Academy, we offer technical trainings with well-skilled trainers, using both our ETA-kits (Evaluation and Training for Automation), and our solution demonstrators at the CoLab. The Automation Academy provides targeted training courses for our customers as well as for our own employees. The available seminars are designed to build and expand your professional competence in the field of automation technology. After attending a seminar, you will be able to implement efficient automation solutions with B&R systems. This will make it possible for you to secure a decisive competitive edge by allowing you and your company to react faster to constantly changing market demands.

Business development sessions - We support with knowledge and skills to move in the right direction and achieve the set goals. This also involves relevant insights and business model developments based on experience and trends in our market and customers industries.

The program differs between the following categories: Whether you represent a manufacturer, an original equipment manufacturer or a system integrator, your program will be fitted to each profile. All three programs can be organized and structured individually, depending on your specific needs. We offer advice and will happily guide you to the best choice.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or machine builder, who produces a series of identical machines but seek other design options, B&R – as your technology partner – will provide you with the support needed, every step of the way.

Acting both as consultant and partner, B&R has a portfolio that matches OEM series production. In OrangePoint you can experience how hardware, software and expertise combined, create future-proof solutions for the international market. We offer:
• Experience in how to build machines
• Portfolio of components that fit into a cost-optimized series of production
• Skilled experts across all functionalities: Software, simulation, architecture, mechatronics, and training.

The demo area focuses on maximum flexibility and shaping the future: From conceptual design to development, and through after sales service, we want to be at the forefront of technology and help OEM’s meet their market demands.

Manufacturer (End user)

As a manufacturer, you can experience how B&R products, adaptive technology, and automation solutions can bring value to your business. In the dedicated demo area, we present the latest innovations showing relevant use cases.

See for example how you can optimize your production line:
• Reduce changeover time
• Minimize footprint per square meter
• Handle flexible formats .

The demo area is also designed to test your solution before implementation. We offer:
• Possible solutions and inspiration
• Flexible designs and integrable systems
• Simulation of a use case with your own product(s) in VR.

System Integrator

Whether you as a system integrator build several of the same modules, build special machines or integrate new modules into a line, we share and exchange ideas on conceptual design and utilization. Furthermore, we assist in the communication with users, emphasizing values and benefits.

The pioneering technology and automation solutions showcased in the demo area are basis for co-creation. We offer:
• Ideas and design options/solutions
• Dialogue and support in all kinds of projects
• Experience-based knowledge, and examples of individual machine solutions.

The demo area is an interactive showroom where you can test and prove concepts, for example by using AR.


Find a Nordic OrangePoint representant on the list below. You can also reach us through your own B&R contact.

Kalle Hansson - Head of Market Intelligence Northern Europe with at systematic approach towards business and market development.
Contact on LinkedIn: Kalle Hansson, mail: or phone: +46 (0)70 190 49 86

Denmark / Iceland / Norway:
Martin Fogh Larsen - Leading B&R’s Nordic initiative on Adaptive Manufacturing.
Contact on LinkedIn: Martin Larsen, mail: or phone: +45 31 75 01 45

Hannu Kantonen is Sales Office Manager leading the finish sales and application team.
Contact on LinkedIn: Hannu Kantonen, mail: or phone: +358 406 31 11 94


Orange Point
B&R Industrial Automation
Hyllie Allé 31 (1st floor)
215 33 Malmö

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How to get there

Arriving at OrangePoint by car? You can easily park in the parking garage nearby, a quick two-minute walk away from the entrance.
How to get to the parking garage: Arenagatan 10, Hyllie. Guidance to parking: Hyllie car park 

Flights go directly from all countries in Northern Europe to Copenhagen Airport, Denmark. You can rent a car at the airport and drive the 24 km distance across the Øresund Bridge to reach OrangePoint in Malmö Hyllie in Sweden. If you prefer traveling by train, please see more information about your options below. Traveling from the north, you can take a flight from Stockholm and arrive at Malmö Airport.

At CPH Airport, the Øresund trains go to Malmö Hyllie Station, several departures per hour. The trip from CPH Airport to Malmö Hyllie Station takes about 11 minutes with only one stop at Copenhagen Central Station, and no transfer. It is also possible to board the Øresund train at Copenhagen Central Station.
Likewise, when travelling from Malmö Central Station towards Denmark, you can catch the same Öresund/Øresund trains in the opposite direction.
Remember to buy a single ticket or round-trip ticket at a station, as tickets cannot be purchased on board the train. Traveling within Sweden? Please go to Skånetrafiken to get more information about arrival/departure times. Traveling from or back to Denmark? Please go to DSB-Øresundsbillet to get more information about tickets and arrival/departure times.

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