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Welcome to the Education Network

Continuing professional development is becoming increasingly important today. An open attitude toward new developments and a willingness to learn are important prerequisites for professional success and job security. We, the Education Network Team at B&R, promote education and are available to educational and research institutions as well as students and pupils as direct contacts.

We energize laboratories

We see it as our social responsibility to get young people excited about technology. That's why we want to make training in automation technology as pertinent and exciting as possible. Our complete portfolio of teaching and learning materials, from simple PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) exercises to robotics kits, has already energized many labs.

We support your projects

We are, of course, happy to talk to you about any kind of project - be it a diploma thesis, a student project, a publicly funded project or an internal institute project. With us, you'll find specialist know-how in the areas of open-loop, closed-loop and motion control as well as real-time communication.

We provide software and learning materials

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started with B&R technology and automation: In our Education Network, you can find more information about our licensing model for educational institutions, our extensive learning materials for self-study and the direct Contact person in your region.

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What is the Education Network?
  • The Education Network is a program to promote cooperation between educational institutions, technical collages, universities and B&R.
What does the Education Network promote?
  • We provide state-of-the-art technologies in the field of automation engineering
  • We develop teaching and learning concepts together
  • We support professors at educational institutions and students with projects such as diploma/bachelor work and master theses
  • We offer students and teachers an extensive portfolio for self-study
Who are the people behind the Education Network?
  • Each country where B&R is active has its own Education Network team that supports educational institutions and students – You can find your team here
Who can become part of the Education Network?
  • Educational and research institutions
  • Students and pupils
How can I become part of the Education Network?
  • By sending an inquiry via email or phone - directly to the Contact person in your region

Programming software and licensing
Learn more about the B&R software packages - Automation Studio or mapp Technology and licensing

Teaching and learning materials
Here you will find an overview of our teaching and learning materials as well as our current laboratory equipment – For educational institutions, the learning materials are free of charge

The Education Network is active worldwide – You can find the contact person in your region here

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