Easy implementation of hybrid machine applications

exOS offers numerous integrated functions that make it easier to implement hybrid machine applications with a combination of machine control and Linux code.

The integrated functions are executed symmetrically in Automation Runtime and Linux. exOS uses technology and tools from the B&R system and integrates the Linux application into the B&R engineering environment. All the freedom of Linux remains. B&R Linux with driver support is available as a base system. B&R Hypervisor can optionally be used for hardware-integrated configurations.

Central project management in Automation Studio

  • Import Linux code into Automation Studio as exOS package
  • Easy configuration of Linux parameters
  • Uniform management of control and Linux code

Transfer and install Linux code effortlessly

  • Linux code transferred from Automation Studio to controller and executed automatically
  • Linux code installed and updated automatically

Configurable execution

  • Automation Runtime can control execution of Linux code (e.g. start automatically after installation)

Extensive diagnostic possibilities

  • Comprehensive diagnostics during installation and execution
  • Seamless error logging in B&R system

High-performance data exchange

  • Easy, buffered process data communication between controller and Linux
  • Consistent transmission in microsecond range

Synchronized execution of applications

  • Timestamped process data via NetTime mechanism for consistent timing of data with microsecond precision (e.g. servo axis position setpoints)
  • Consistent timing basis

Simple and efficient maintenance

  • Hardware replacement without reprogramming
  • Out-of-the-box solution
  • Defined machine status after hardware exchange
  • Automatic transfer, installation and initialization for minimum downtime

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