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From the powertrain to the supply chain, the automotive industry is undergoing dramatic changes as the shift from combustion-powered to electric vehicles gains momentum. Particularly in the production of battery systems, car manufacturers and their suppliers find themselves confronted with a new set of challenges.

Battery Production

The capacity challenge –
Exponential growth: The race is on!

Demand for EV battery systems will skyrocket in the next few years. To keep up with exponential capacity growth, cycle times in battery cell production must be orders of magnitude faster than for traditional automotive components.

The price pressure challenge –
How to lower unit cost

Batteries account for around a third of electric vehicle cost and are currently produced at incredibly tight margins. To reduce unit costs, increasing production capacity is one part of the equation. The other is reducing energy consumption and increasing yield rates.

The quality challenge –
100% inline testing and traceability

Automotive parts have to comply with strict quality standards to guarantee safety and avoid costly recalls. On top of that, battery systems are more sensitive to contamination than traditional car parts. These problems are solvable enough on their own. The question is: how do you do it without slowing down?

The time-to-market challenge –
Ramp up faster without the risk

The combustion-electric transition is a steep curve. Government incentives and sustainability-conscious consumers are powerful catalysts, and battery production capacity will be hard pressed to keep up. In the race to get the latest battery systems to market, the winners will be those who make the most effective use of their development resources.

The future-proof challenge –
Build a factory to produce the unknown

How do you build a factory today that will still produce the quantities you need ten years from now? How do you build a factory today to produce battery technology that hasn't been invented yet?

Battery Production

Production network

Conventional linear layouts are limiting today's battery factories to single-digit GWh capacity per line. By creating a flexible web of interlinked processing stations, it becomes possible to move every product to every process station as needed. Make order-of-magnitude gains in throughput, footprint and availability – all at the same time.​

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Continuous motion production

B&R's mechatronic systems form the backbone of an adaptive manufacturing ecosystem. Independently controlled shuttles carry products along the track with variable speeds and spacing. Hard real-time synchronization with robots and other equipment enables high-precision processing while the products remain on track and in motion at up to 5 m/s.​

Digital twin

Digital twins allow early verification of new factory concepts and lower the risk of letting fundamental design flaws go unnoticed until commissioning. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that production will start on schedule. Your factory's digital twin continues to accompany it throughout its entire lifecycle – simplifying daily maintenance and supporting adaption to future challenges.

Battery Production

Adaptive transport systems

Move each battery cell independently and unbound by rigid timing for unprecedented productivity and flexibility. Accelerate manufacturing processes by up to 90%. Cleanroom-qualified transport reduces or eliminates dirt from mechanical abrasion, as occurs on conveyor belts and chains.

Move it
Battery Production

Machine-centric robotics

ABB robots are an integral part of B&R's automation ecosystem, naturally synchronized with uncompromising precision. Imagine loading cells onto your line without even stopping. That's only the beginning…

Integrate it

Integrated machine vision

Smart cameras, intelligent image processing algorithms and innovative lighting, all fully integrated in the control system. It's the only way to achieve absolute precision and microsecond synchronization between all automation components.​ From reading data matrix codes for product identification to complex measurement tasks for quality assurance, image processing is now possible at full production speed.

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Battery Production

Process data acquisition

Centralized acquisition of operating and process data from machines and equipment helps to operate production plants more effectively and efficiently. With our ready-to-use APROL PDA solution, we offer a powerful platform that allows you to tap this potential easily and conveniently.

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