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The new filters are a simple and inexpensive way to improve the quality of captured images. They are available for both the Smart Camera and the Smart Sensor. Backlights have two new options in addition to the standard diffuser filter.

Polarizing filter

Reflections and glare can be eliminated by using a polarizing filter. Overexposure is suppressed to achieve perfect contrast.

Undesired overexposure
Polarized exposure

Diffusor filter

A polarizing filter may also eliminate desired reflections, such as laser markings on metallic surfaces. In these cases, a diffusor filter ensures optimum contrast.

Standard exposure
Polarized exposure
Diffuse exposure

Optical filters for M27 thread

Filters available for C-mount lenses include polarizing filters and narrow bandpass filters for a variety of wavelength ranges. The spectrums are optimized for the available LED wavelengths.

Other variants are available specifically for fluorescent surfaces. They significantly improve contrast under difficult lighting conditions.

  • Highlights
  • Higher quality image capture
  • Polarization to prevent unwanted reflections
  • Significantly improved contrast

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