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Automation Studio provides a wide selection of diagnostic tools for reading system information and for optimizing the system.

System Diagnostics Manager

The System Diagnostics Manager contained in Automation Runtime V3.0 and higher can be used to diagnose the controller using a standard web browser from any location (Intranet or Internet).

User-specific diagnostic tools and Automation Studio are no longer needed to analyze a controller for configuration or runtime problems. The only requirement is a web browser and a TCP/IP connection to the controller.

  • Hardware analysis for detection of configuration or hardware problems on the target system
  • Analysis of system configuration and of runtime parameters (e.g. configured IP address, etc.) Software analysis (software modules and versions on the target system)
  • Access to Profiler and upload of Profiler logs for further analysis in Automation Studio
  • Display and upload of error logbook for target system

Automation Studio tools

Automation Studio provides the user with a wide variety of diagnostics tools for commissioning applications and searching for errors.

These tools range from simple monitoring of operating states (variable and program status, I/O, etc.), forcing I/O channels, and tracing variable states over time to profiling the entire runtime behavior, debugging operations for programs and libraries, and simulating and commissioning axes.

Selecting the correct tool is decisive for quick success during problem analysis.

  • System Diagnostics Manager
  • Status bar
  • Logger Monitor of the software and hardware configuration
  • Variable monitor
  • Variable oscilloscope
  • I/O assignment in monitor mode
  • Programming language monitors
  • Debugger, line coverage
  • Profiler

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