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B&R's permanent-magnet motors are compact, highly dynamic servo motors with a very high level of efficiency. They are fully scalable with regard to power, precision, options and suitability for safety-related axes. In addition, stepper motors are also offered. The standard motors have an excellent price-performance ratio and can be delivered within a short period of time.

The major benefits at a glance:

  • Scalable performance and flexible use
    Suitable performance – ranging from direct drives for high precision axes to cost-effective motor-gear combinations – with a flexible selection of flange dimensions, cooling systems, protection classes, storage options and moment of inertia specifications.
  • Encoder systems specified to meet your needs
    B&R motors are equipped with inductive feedback systems and a digital interface as standard. Because of this, safety-related axes with high precision can be implemented using a basic model. Optical encoders with higher precision are available for high-end applications. Because of the embedded parameter chip, B&R encoders can be optimally adapted for servo drives and integrated in the system environment.
  • Future-proof connection technology
    Because signals are transmitted digitally, it is possible to use innovative hybrid motor cables, which merge the encoder and power cable into one. The complexity of cabling and the installation time are thereby reduced to a minimum.

Extremely dynamic

8LS series motors are highly dynamic, have a high overload capability and are designed for applications in various different branches, such as in the plastics industry, packaging industry, metalworking industry, and food and beverage industry.
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Increased mass moment of inertia

8LSN synchronous motors have been specially developed for use in applications where a high mass moment of inertia is required, for example for applications in the metalworking industry. Compact design and high positioning precision are further properties of these motors.
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The compact alternative

Servo motors with alternative flange dimensions are characterized by a compact design paired with high power density. Due to their robust design (stator casting) and high overload capability, these motors are recommended for a wide range of applications.
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Hygienic design

B&R servo motors in the 8JSB and 8JSQ series feature a hygienic design that allows efficient cleaning in the areas of foodstuffs production and biomedical engineering. With a smooth surface and IP69K protection, these motors were developed in strict accordance with EHEDG and FDA hygiene standards.
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High demands on performance

Motors with high torque at high speeds are required in the upper performance class. Servo motors from B&R's 8KS series are specially designed for these types of applications.
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