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Conventional drive systems convert only half of the applied power from the mains into actual mechanical power. The ACOPOSmulti drive system treads a new path.

Power factor correction

This means that only effective power is taken from the power supply. This reduces the connected load and current consumption of the machine by approximately a factor of 2. This results in smaller fuses and connection cross-sections.

Stable voltage conditions

The DC bus voltage remains constant regardless of the mains supply voltage, which means maximum utilization by the inverter modules and motors no matter what country they are operating in.

Integrated power regeneration unit

All 8BVP active power supply modules are able to regenerate power. Instead of being converted to heat as is usually the case, kinetic energy generated during braking is converted to electrical energy that is regenerated into the power supply system.

Sophisticated diagnostics

The intelligent power supply modules with network connection via POWERLINK offer completely new options for machine and system diagnostics.

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