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Standardized programming

The creation of PLCopen motion control function blocks fulfills a long-awaited demand for a standard that can handle positioning tasks quickly, easily, and efficiently.

They can be programmed in the proven IEC 61131 standard programming languages Structured Text, Instruction List, Ladder Diagram, or Sequential Function Chart. In addition to these languages, B&R also supports programming in B&R Automation Basic and C.

All motor types supported by the ACOPOSmulti drive system such as synchronous motors, asynchronous motors, linear motors, torque motors, and direct drives can be controlled with these PLCopen function blocks.

The universal availability of PLCopen function blocks for all B&R products makes it possible to optimize the component selection to match the performance demands of every application.

Like the drive firmware, the PLCopen library is included in the Automation Studio package. Selecting this library in the project automatically imports it and makes the function blocks available for programming.

The PLCopen function blocks are divided into administrative motion control function blocks and function blocks for single and multiple axis functionality.

Effective and transparent task execution

Technology function blocks are available as a supplement to standard applications. These are based on PLCopen function blocks, that are used according to their functionality and are open source.

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