Constant DC bus voltage regardless of the mains supply – that means maximum utilization by the inverter modules and motors no matter what country they are operating in. Identical machine behavior worldwide, without additional upstream transformers. When using modern systems, valuable resources are lost because they have to be dimensioned according to the smallest mains voltage. Furthermore, it is also possible to operate ACOPOSmulti drive systems without upstream transformers on 3 x 220V voltage networks. However, this requires utilization of to the next larger power supply module.

Integrated power regeneration unit

The 8BVP active power supply modules are able to regenerate power. Instead of being converted to heat as is usually the case, kinetic energy generated during braking is converted to electrical energy that is regenerated into the power supply system. The advantage: This prevents additional heat from being generated by the braking resistors used inside control cabinets for conventional devices. The integrated power regeneration system provides an efficient and environmentally-friendly solution for avoiding heat build-up in the control cabinet which is otherwise generated by braking energy. This is especially important when arranging several small axes in a tight space.

Power factor correction

Another advantage: Only effective power is taken from the power mains. The power factor correction (PFC) mechanism considerably reduces the connected load and current consumption of the machine (by approximately a factor of 2). This results in smaller fuses and wire cross-sections. In general, the power supply module is designed so that all of the challenges for machine designers arising from the world's different power supply networks can be met optimally. ACOPOSmulti drives are already prepared for future standards.

Prepared for "intelligent maintenance"

Like all other modules in the ACOPOSmulti series, the power supply modules also have a network connection. This allows all data about current consumption, machine efficiency, etc. to be recorded and analyzed. Together with the information from the individual axes, this represents a big step in the direction of "intelligent maintenance".

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