Compact, high-performance drive technology is the latest trend. The main reason for this is to achieve the best possible use of production halls, which requires small machine dimensions. Based on this principle, ACOPOSmulti offers maximum performance with minimum space requirements. The range of applications includes sensor-free induction motors, permanent magnet servo motors in standard torque or linear motor versions, and ultra-dynamic ironless linear motors.

Return on investment

Special attention was given to the topic of investment security during development of the ACOPOSmulti drive system. As a result, it is just as easy to add the ACOPOSmulti drive system to an existing system as it is to use it in new machines. Thanks to software compatibility with the ACOPOS drive generation already established on the market, efforts can be concentrated on the most important factor - the application. That's all there is to it.

Safety as an integral system component

Trend-setting safety technology communicates via one network, openSAFETY. By integrating this open standard, the ACOPOSmulti drive system, together with the B&R safety-related components, has raised the bar in the area of secure automation solutions.

Integrated technology

Modern marketing demands individualization of the end product. Machine flexibility is therefore one of the decisive factors in order to gain a competitive edge. Modern machine concepts replace mechanical process technologies with sophisticated mechatronic concepts. As a result, the role of software in the process is constantly increasing in importance. B&R offers a multitude of industry-specific technology functions to simplify automation even for complex applications. These intuitively built and easy-to-operate software components guarantee a cost-effective solution.

Easy wiring

Industrial control cabinet construction streamlines production cycles. Prefabricated cable trees used directly on the machine or system make assembly easier and faster. The ACOPOSmulti drive system supports prewiring of the entire control cabinet using its sophisticated wiring and mounting technology. Therefore, the ACOPOSmulti drive components are mounted in the control cabinet and connected to the prewired cable trees. ACOPOSmulti drastically reduces the amount of manual wiring.

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