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General information


CE certification


C-UR-US listed


UL file number


Electrical characteristics


DC bus voltage on the ACOPOS P3

325 VDCPermissible DC bus voltage on the ACOPOS P3, single-phase: 325 VDC

Conventional connection type (power connection / encoder connection)

ytec circular connector

Connection type - Single-cable solution (hybrid)

htec circular connector



Automation Studio

V4.4.6 and higher

Motion system

mapp Motion

Version 5.08.0 and higher


Version 5.04.0 and higher

Thermal properties


Insulation class per EN 60034-1


Methods of cooling per EN 60034-6 (IC code)

Self-cooling, free circulation surface cooling (IC4A0A0)

Thermal motor protection per EN 60034-11

Size 1: No
Size 2 and 3: AM-LPTC1000F

Maximum winding temperature 145°C (limited to 130°C by the thermal motor protection in the ACOPOS P3 drive system)

Mechanical properties


Roller bearing, dynamic load rating and nominal service life

Based on DIN ISO 281

Shaft end per DIN 748

Form E

Oil seal per DIN 3760

Form A

Key and keyway per DIN 6885-1

Form A keys, form N1 keyway

Shaft balancing per ISO 1940/1, G6.3

Shaft and fitment key convention

Mounting flange

IEC 72-1

Radial runout, concentricity and axial runout of mounting flange per DIN 42955

Tolerance R



Water-based coating

RAL 9005 flat

Operating conditions


Rating class, operating mode per EN 60034-1

S1 - Continuous operation

Ambient temperature during operation

-15°C to +40°C

Maximum ambient temperature during operation

+50°CContinuous operation at an ambient temperature of +40°C to max. +50°C is possible, but this results in premature aging.

Relative humidity during operation

5 to 95%, non-condensing

Reduction of the nominal current and stall current at temperatures above 40°C

5% per 5°C

Reduction of rated and stall current at installation elevations

Starting at 1000 m above sea level

5% per 1000 m

Maximum installation elevation

4000 m Requirements that go beyond this must be arranged with B&R.

Max. flange temperature


Degree of protection per EN 60034-5 (IP code) The degrees of protection are only achieved if the power and signal connections are fully installed.

- Without oil seal

- With oil seal




Type of construction and mounting arrangement per EN 60034-7 (IM code)

Horizontal (IM3001)

Vertical, motor suspended from the machine (IM 3011)With the IM 3011 type of construction and mounting arrangement (vertical, motor suspended from the machine), there is a risk of production fluids or oils penetrating the motor on the flange side. Motors or motor-gearbox combinations that should be used in this type of installation must therefore have at least IP65 protection on the flange side.

Vertical, motor stands on the machine (IM3031)

Storage and transport conditions


Storage temperature

-20 to +60°C

Relative humidity during storage

Max. 90%, non-condensing

Transport temperature

-20 to +60°C

Relative humidity during transport

Max. 90%, non-condensing

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