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PCs from B&R are designed and built to meet industrial customers' demands for maximum robustness, reliability and long-term availability. Decision-makers in a wide range of industries select B&R Industrial PCs because they know that PCs that may appear cheap at first glance are the most expensive in the long run. After all, it's the total cost over a product's life cycle that matters, and that's where the cost advantages of B&R Industrial PCs really shine.


The Automation PC 910 is a true powerhouse. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology like the latest generation Intel Core i-series processors, the Automation PC 910 is the ideal choice for demanding applications, including those involving complex HMI applications. USB 3.0 interfaces provide the optimal connection for integrating machine vision systems. And there are the obvious cost advantages of replacing several weaker PCs with a single high-performance unit.

Energy efficient

Another advantage of the latest generation Intel Core i-series technology is that it manages to significantly increase performance while lowering power consumption – delivering maximized energy efficiency and virtually eliminating the need for internal fans. With the reduced power dissipation of the Automation PC 910, applications that require the use of several industrial PCs in particular will benefit greatly from the improved energy usage.


The robust design of the Automation PC 910 is perfectly suited for continuous operation in the harshest environments. It has no internal cable connections and comes in many variations with no rotating parts at all.


Each PC undergoes comprehensive function testing prior to shipping. All system properties, components and interfaces are fully inspected. After years of reliable operation, your bottom line will notice the difference.


The Automation PC 910 can be adapted perfectly to each application's unique requirements. This starts by selecting the necessary processor performance and housing size and then scaling everything else – memory capacity and storage media such as CFast, HDD or SSD, for example – as needed.

Ready to use

These industrial PCs are delivered completely ready to use. OEM machine manufacturers can have the Automation PC sent directly to their control cabinet supplier with all software fully installed. Upon request, B&R can freeze versions of BIOS and firmware for guaranteed long-term consistency – a huge advantage for individually certified machines and systems.

Long-term availability

The Automation PC 910 will be available for many years to come. Once the PC has been integrated into a machine, maintenance is complete for the machine manufacturer. The machine enters series production and can continue to be manufactured for over a decade.

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