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Fiber preparation

A variety of machines are used to handle and prepare raw material into sliver. A series of coordinated movements are required between the bale opening, cleaning, mixing, blending and carding machines. To control and manipulate how the fiber is aligned and carded, precision is highly important. B&R's motion control systems ensure perfect synchronization of all manipulation cylinders. Different recipes and movement profiles can be configured for each type of material.

Spinning preparation

Combing machines and draw frames are used to improve the quality of the sliver from the card, separate the good long fibers from any dirt or undesired particles and regulate card thickness. High drive dynamics and rugged controls are required to achieve optimum results and maximum efficiency. B&R has a wide range of solutions that bring the utmost quality to combing and drawing processing machines for textiles.


There are many methods that may be used to make yarn from textile fiber depending on the material and the desired results. Currently, the most-used method is ring spinning, which can be used to process cotton, flax or wool. Spinning is a continuous process that should run without interruption. With B&R's motion components we can provide a stable and precise solution that also allows for seamless maintenance.

B&R has the perfect solution for...

Compact and flexible motor and drive systems for modular machinery

Maximum motion control performance

Maximum motion control performance

With the real-time Ethernet POWERLINK protocol and B&R's comprehensive range of motion control solutions, optimizing production lines is virtually effortless. B&R allows you to simultaneously boost both quality and productivity.

With a communication cycle of 400 µs and a current control loop of 50 µs, the ACOPOS series provides the extremely fast, event-based cam transitions that today's high-speed machines need. With no programming whatsoever, the drive compensates for cam deviations every 400 µs. This outstanding performance is completely independent of how powerful the controller is or how many real or virtual axes are used in the application.

The touch probe inputs on the ACOPOS series are processed in the sub-microsecond range and are perfectly suited for applications such as rotary or fly cutting and quality control. This speed makes it possible to react in real time and perform smoother transitions between motion profiles without significantly impacting software development.

Compact and flexible motor and drive systems for modular machinery

B&R offers hardware and software solutions for fast and easy development of mechatronic machines with options that can easily satisfy the requirements of the end user.

Scalable drives and motors with a small footprint include:

  • Servo motors with an integrated drive: ACOPOSmotor
  • Servo motors with a distributed IP67 drive: ACOPOSremote
  • IP67 and IP20-rated I/O, optional safety modules: X20, X67 I/O modules
  • Stepper motors: 80MP and ACOPOSmicro

B&R offers machine builders a comprehensive selection of motor types. The Generic Motion Control (GMC) concept allows the software to be developed independently of the motor type. That means, once programed, the GMC it works for every motor, drive or other mechatronic module in your machine. Thus, you can save time and resources and at the same time choose freely the solution that best fits your requirements.

Controlling motion with complete flexibility

When electronic cams are used in textile machines, it is often necessary to change motion profiles on a running machine. The B&R cam automat allows machine operators to change motion profiles dynamically without requiring any new calculations on the controller. Application development becomes easier, faster and more robust since performance is guaranteed independently of the controller's processing power, network connectivity and the number of axes being controlled.

The cam automat allows new profiles to be generated and stored directly on the servo drive every 400 µs. The programmer can define a variety of boundary conditions and limits such as profile type, position, speed, acceleration and rotation. The optimal transition profile is calculated in real time, taking into consideration external events such as hardware and software states.

B&R's cam automat combines the advantages of centralized programming, distributed performance and highly flexible profile changes – all at the top speeds achieved by the fastest machines on the market. Cams are programmed and configured in B&R's Automation Studio engineering environment. The B&R cam automat is a 100% software solution provided as a standard feature on all ACOPOS servo drives.

Save time and resources with intelligent incident reaction

The intelligent B&R ACOPOSmulti motion control system automatically detects dips in the primary power supply and initiates an emergency shutdown. The kinetic energy that remains in the motors is used to maintain automation functionality until the system reaches a complete stop. The ACOPOSmulti's active power supply module generates 24 VDC for the controllers, I/O modules and drives – eliminating the need for a UPS. The intelligent solutions from B&R prevent production wastage and eliminate the time-consuming process of getting the plant up and running again after a power failure.

Controlling motion with optimal performance

Controlling motion with optimal performance

B&R motion control has the performance you need to get the best product quality at the highest production speeds. Using special function blocks for PLCopen, you can switch between position control and high-precision torque control within 400 µs.

Reduce costs with energy regeneration

In virtually every production cycle, machines are required to continuously accelerate and decelerate heavy loads. B&R's ACOPOSmulti drive system converts the kinetic energy generated during braking movements into power and then feeds it back into the mains supply. Up to 30% of overall energy requirements can be regenerated – for considerable cost savings.

Power regeneration prevents additional heat from being generated, making it no longer necessary to install and maintain expensive cooling systems. The integrated energy regeneration system is not only highly efficient, but also environmentally-friendly.

Temperature control

Temperature control

An extensive temperature control library with function blocks, PID controllers and HMI templates is the ideal solution for systems that require precise control of heating and cooling.

The library supports:

  • Autotuning
  • Management of several different temperature zones
  • Storage space for large amounts of data

Complete integration within the system is of course also ensured.

High-performance closed-loop control

B&R has many years of experience developing industrial processes for textiles and offers a wide variety of libraries containing proven technology for control loops and autotuning procedures. Sophisticated closed loop control technology from B&R is based on the absolute latest concepts to allow maximum machine performance and precision. Libraries for winding processes, temperature controllers and axis movements are just a few examples.

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