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The tendency of performing frequent design change of vehicles means that the machinery to create all metal body forms and shapes must be quickly adapted to the changeovers.

The constant increase of model variants demands a high flexibility in the production line and its systems. B&R is the utmost automation supplier where scalable solutions are required, providing the highest machine flexibility and compatibility level.

All the technologies for presses, metal cutting, bending and roll-forming are fully developed at B&R, guaranteeing the maximum performance and availability of the production line.

Hydraulic control

With the hydraulic-specific control algorithms fully integrated in machine control and the flexible and scalable hardware architecture, it is possible to attend the requirements of any press and metal punching machinery. With B&R it is even possible to add a hydraulic axis in a CNC with a high level of precision, dynamics and synchronization.

Machine modularity

B&R offers hardware and software solutions for fast and easy development of mechatronic machines with options that can easily satisfy the requirements of the end user.

  • Servo motors with an integrated drive: ACOPOSmotor
  • Servo motors with a decentrally mounted IP67 drive: ACOPOSremote
  • IP67 and IP20 I/O, optional safety modules: X20, X67 I/O modules
  • Stepper motors: 80MP and ACOPOSmicro

B&R offers machine builders a comprehensive selection of motor types. The Generic Motion Control (GMC) concept allows the software to be developed independently of the motor type. For each mechatronic module in a machine, the OEM can select whatever solution offers the greatest amount of freedom, which in turn saves time, resources and money.

CNC & Robotics

B&R improves the efficiency of machines and systems by combining CNC, robotics and motion control into a single software platform called Generic Motion Control (GMC). One feature that makes GMC unique is that it can be used for all drive types, including hydraulic drives and servo technology. GMC integrates seamlessly into the machine application, allowing it to be customized for the specific task at hand. GMC's flexibility also permits easy integration of existing CNC and robotics dialects.

CNC and robotics at B&R

  • Unified CNC, robotics and motion control
  • All drive types
  • Integrated safety technology
  • Seamless interaction with the machine application
  • Integration of existing CNC and robotics dialects

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