B&R is one of the largest employers in the Innviertel region and is looking for 100 new long-term employees for the production and warehouse areas at the Eggelsberg and Gilgenberg. The internationally successful company looks back on more than 40 years of company history and offers secure jobs, a wide range of development and promotion opportunities and fair pay with appropriate bonuses for shift work.

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From prototype to series production, all components are manufactured at the Eggelsberg or Gilgenberg sites. State-of-the-art production methods, the latest technologies and fully automated test procedures guarantee end products of the highest quality.

High quality products

B&R products are installed, for example, in many machines that produce consumer goods for our daily needs, such as toothpaste or shampoo. The products also play an important role in food production, in the filling of beverages or in the field of renewable energies. Specifically, B&R manufactures controllers, operator panels, electronic drives, safety technology and the necessary machine software.

Secure jobs

Working at B&R is a secure job in a clean and extremely modern work environment. Our production facility is fully air-conditioned and the workplaces are ergonomically designed. We also provide our employees with the appropriate work clothing. This includes, for example, a work coat, gloves and, if necessary, safety shoes. B&R also offers various shift models, spacious break rooms and an employee restaurant.

Proud employees

What makes B&R stand out as an employer?

"For me, it's essential that B&R, as an international company, has retained a family character. We maintain a friendly atmosphere and are all on a first-name basis. This applies to direct team colleagues as well as supervisors and managers. I feel collegial cooperation and respectful interaction with each other is extremely important. B&R responds to the needs of employees in the best possible way and helps them balance family and career. With paternity leave or the possibility of a sabbatical, we are accommodating our employees in this regard."

Robert Perperschlager, Member of the Executive Board

"Every finished product makes me proud"

"It makes me proud every time I hold a finished B&R product in my hands and see the result of my work," says Marina. She works in manufacturing and builds samples for new B&R products. "I follow a product from the first sketch on paper to the finished device." In her 17 years at B&R, both the company and Marina's passion for B&R products have grown steadily. Today, she is instrumental in the development of many new products.

Marina Paunovic, employee in the production area

"I immediately felt at home at B&R."

Nico Kaiser has been working at B&R for 10 years. During this time, he was able to prove his skills on multiple occasions. "I am primarily responsible for staff scheduling and improving processes. I'm also in constant communication with other departments," explains Nico. Good cooperation with colleagues from various departments is especially important to Nico. "This is the only way we can get accustomed to one another and design work processes efficiently. A strong team spirit across all departments makes this possible". "At B&R, everyone pulls together," Nico emphasizes.

Nico Kaiser, shift supervisor in the shipping department

"I'll stay with B&R until I retire."

Eugenia Hert has been working at B&R for eight years. She is responsible for building customer-specific industrial PCs at the B&R production plant. "Every job is different. With each new product, I learn something new and am able to improve my skills." Eugenia's work is supported by specific instructions for putting together products step by step according to customers' wishes. In addition to the varied work, Eugenia really appreciates the good working atmosphere at B&R. She is certain: "I'm in good hands at B&R. I want to work here for a very long time, preferably until I retire."

Eugenia Hert, production plant employee

The demand for high-tech products from the Innviertel region continues to rise steadily. That's why B&R is currently looking for numerous new employees in the production and warehouse areas.

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