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This seminar will include openSAFETY technology and certification. The training content will cover openSAFETY specification EPSG WDP 304 in detail and highlight the available profiles. Furthermore, the process and the requirements for integrating the open source stack and its interfaces to firmware and the application will be presented. The format of the device description and the certification process will also be discussed.

Prerequisites and requirements


Model number

Recommended: Previous knowledge in the area of functional safety and software development for safety-related systems.

1 day


Learning objectives and contents

  • openSAFETY features
  • openSAFETY device description
  • openSAFETY profile for electro-sensitive protective equipment and safe drives
  • openSAFETY stack integration and requirements
  • openSAFETY certification

Responsibilities include

  • Participants will get to know the openSAFETY technology, protocol and frame structure.
  • Participants will learn how to work with the interfaces of the stack software.
  • Participants will learn about the certification process and its requirements.

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