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This seminar explains the basics of ACOPOStrak, dimensioning and diagnostics, commissioning and mechanical design. Numerous simulation exercises make it easier to understand the ACOPOStrak software concept. Setting up the mechanical parts and commissioning are also carried out on a real system.



Model number

Basic technical training

Automation Studio training: Basics [SEM210.2]


Training: Integrated motion control: mapp Axis [SEM415.3]

3 days


Learning objectives and content

  • Basics of LLM technology and detailed information about ACOPOStrak
  • The differences between ACOPOStrak and SuperTrak
  • Overview of the mechanical components and technical documentation
  • Software concept behind ACOPOStrak
  • Logical components and simulation possibilities
  • Creating a configuration
  • Overview of available function blocks
  • Executing various movements in the simulation
  • Basics of process stations and process-oriented programming
  • Couplings between shuttles and also to external axes
  • Dimensioning a track
  • Commissioning and diagnosis on a real mechanical system
  • Structure of a real system

Tasks to be completed include:

  • Setting up LLM transport systems
  • Creating applications for LLM transport systems
  • Performing diagnostics on the system in event of error
  • Putting LLM transport systems into operation
  • Setting up the mechanical system

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