Dynamic compact motors

The most advanced machine concepts demand excellent dynamics and performance within the smallest amount of space possible. 8LVA three-phase synchronous motors from B&R were specially developed for these applications and provide users with the highest level of freedom in machine design by delivering maximum power density.

Standard motors
Size 1
Size 2
Size 3

8LV - Compact servo technology

Smooth surface

The special construction of the surface allows them to be used in applications for the food and beverage industry. Depressions where liquid can collect were deliberately avoided.

  • Ultra compact and highly dynamic
  • High overload capability and low cogging
  • Power range up to 1 kW for 80 VDC and 320 VDC DC bus voltage
  • Self-locking connector system
  • Robust, industrial-strength connector with optimal EMC shielding
  • 300° swivel double angular built-in connector and single-cable solution (hybrid)
  • Available with optional gearbox or direct attachment of gearbox (8LVB)
Connection type

Double angular built-in connector

The innovative connection system developed for this compact servo motor series only requires a small amount of space for cabling while still providing maximum flexibility. The 300° range of rotation allows connections to be made in an extremely flexible manner.

Fast and tool-free mounting with a self-locking quick-release fastener ensures simple and secure connections for power and encoder cables.

Together with this universal connector system, the new 8LVA series offers either IP54 or IP65 protection (with optional oil seal) to handle a wide range of applications in all areas. This ensures secure connections even in the most adverse conditions.

The metal housing of the connector provides optimal EMC shielding for the highest level of operational safety.

  • 300° swivel double angular built-in connector
  • Quick-release self-locking connector system
  • Robust industrial connectors with optimal EMC shielding
  • Robust metal housing

Single-cable solution (hybrid)

  • 300° swivel connector
  • Encoder and power conductor in one cable
  • Quick-release self-locking connector system
  • Robust industrial connectors with optimal EMC shielding
  • Robust metal housing
Embedded parameter chip

All relevant mechanical and electrical information and data is stored in the EnDat encoder used for B&R motors. This means that the user does not have to configure settings on the servo drive. As soon as the encoder is connected to the servo drive and the power supply to the electronics is switched on, the motor is automatically identified. The motor sends its nominal parameters and limit parameters to the servo drive. The drive then automatically determines the current limits and current control parameters required for optimal control of the motor. The only things that the user has to optimize are the speed and position controllers. Support for this is provided by the integrated commissioning environment of B&R Automation StudioTM.

In addition to assistance during commissioning, routine service work is also simplified, and motors can be replaced without having to take extra time to set parameters.

Cooling type and size

The 8LVA servo motor series is available in three different sizes (1, 2, 3). They have different dimensions (especially flange dimensions) and power ratings. These different sizes are indicated by a number represented by (c) in the model number. The larger the number, the larger the flange dimensions and power data for the respective motor.

The 8LVA servo motor series is available in two different lengths. They have different power ratings with identical flange dimensions. These different lengths are indicated by a number represented by (d) in the model number.


Available sizes












Encoder technology

B&R offers a choice between a resolver for standard applications and absolute encoder with EnDat 2.2 interface.

The ultra compact encoder with a length of less than 13 mm is multi-turn capable and has a battery backup system.

With 262,144 (218) position values per revolution and 65,536 (216) distinct revolutions, the encoder provides excellent resolution in an extremely compact design.

Load capacity of the shaft end and bearings

8LV servo motors are equipped with grooved ball bearings that are sealed on both sides and lubricated. Bearing elements must not be subjected to shocks or impacts! Incorrect handling will reduce the service life and result in damage to the bearings.

Motor options

Servo motors from the 8LV series are available in different variants depending on the customer's requirements:

  • With various motor encoders
  • With various nominal speeds
  • Available with double angular built-in connector or single-cable solution (hybrid)
  • With or without an oil seal
  • With or without a holding brake
  • Keyed or smooth shaft end

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