Direct drive torque motors from the 8LT series are permanently excited torque motors for applications that require extraordinary dynamic characteristics and positioning precision as well as compact size and reduced weight. These are available in self-cooling or externally-cooled format.

The 8LT series torque motors provide the user with the highest degree of flexibility - the ideal basis for mechatronic and efficient machine design.

All motor components are designed in such a way that saves maintenance.

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8LT - Direct drive motors

This motor series features a relatively compact structure with a higher degree of rigidity and more dynamic properties as well as low detent torque. The externally-cooled format additionally ensures intensive surface cooling - the motor does not cause the environment around it to heat up.

The 8LT torque motors are designed as complete motors. Unlike built-in motors, there is no need to install bearings and encoders.


  • Easy to install
  • Small installation dimensions
  • Extremely easy to service
  • Low costs
  • High overload capability/peak torque
  • Also available with hollow shaft
  • Very good control properties because of low cogging torque
  • Available with encoders for functional safety
  • When used as a direct drive: No mechanical transfer elements that are subject to wear in the power transmission system, therefore high level of availability and no elasticity in the power transmission system

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