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B&R Industrial Automation GmbH

B&R Strasse 1

5142 Eggelsberg


Telephone: +43 7748 6586-0

Fax: +43 7748 6586-26

Commercial register number: FN 111651 v
Commercial registry: Regional court Ried im Innkreis
UID number: ATU62367156
Legal structure: Limited liability company
Corporate headquarters: Municipality of Eggelsberg (Upper Austria)

Business activity

The business activities of the company include development, manufacture and sale of electronic devices and provision of automation services for industrial manufacturing and machine building, trade with goods of all kinds, acquisition and management of equity interests in other companies of the same or similar kind, as well as provision of related services and execution of all business operations necessary and useful for the named activities, with the exception of banking and securities services. The company may acquire, represent, found or purchase shares in other companies of the same or similar kind, as well as establish subsidiaries and/or branch offices locally or abroad.

Chamber affiliation

B&R Industrial Automation GmbH is a member of the Economic Chamber of Upper Austria (WKOÖ) in accordance with the applicable legislation. For further information, see

Primary website content

This website provides industry-related, company-related and product-related information for customers, suppliers and interested third parties. Additionally, it presents the company's current and recent developments.

Executive officers (authorized representatives)

  • Jörg Theis
  • Luca Galluzzi
  • Florian Schneeberger
  • Michael Kalatschan

Supervisory board

  • Jaana Suvanto
  • Lisette van-Eenennaam
  • Karl Fusseis

Ownership structure

Shareholders in B&R Industrial Automation GmbH include:

  • B&R Holding GmbH, FN 459420v (90%). Sole shareholder of B&R Holding GmbH is ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd, commercial register number CH-020.3.900.058-8.
  • ABB Holdings B.V., commercial register number 33272475 (10%).

Regulatory provisions

Austrian Trade Law 1994
Legal information system of the Republic of Austria:

Responsible supervisory authority

District authority, Braunau am Inn

Gender disclaimer

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