To thrive amid stiff global competition, end users have been turning to process improvements as a way to maximize their operating effectiveness without compromizing quality or safety. In the food industry, the perishable nature of the product inherently heightens the demand for reduced waste and shorter lead times.

Advances in technology such as RFID, integrated video cameras and metal detection systems offer end users exciting new opportunities for streamlining their manufacturing and processing operations. B&R helps integrate this technology seamlessly with the latest advancements in automation and control. Committment to international standards and proven methods of production management control ensures that B&R solutions are flexible, highly available and efficient.

B&R has the perfect solution for:

Integrated image processing
APROL enables integration of visual process inspection with fast reactions to relevant events. The range of data processing options also includes additional measured and analyzed data such a temperature readings.

Production management control
Through the collection of process information, management of process recipes, and implementation of energy and process management techniques, APROL helps you know exactly when it is time to change each component.

Food-grade components
B&R's stainless steel components are perfectly suited for the unique demands of food & beverage production environments, where they are exposed to not only sugar dust and chocolate, but also aggressive foods and caustic cleaning fluids.

CFR 21, Part 11 compliant HMI software
B&R offers a mapp component dedicated to CFR 21, Part 11. It ensures transparency and traceability for all actions performed on the line.

IP65-rated servo drives
Whatever the combination of product and container – filling lines that use ACOPOSremote servo drives experience fewer breakdowns, higher efficiency and greater flexibility.

Safety modules
B&R's safety modules are absolutely reliable and well-equipped for the heightened safety requirements where human interaction is involved, such as during setup and cleaning. Network-integrated openSAFETY communication provides more intelligent, flexible and efficient solutions with reduced wiring and simplified troubleshooting.

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