Industrial IoT implementation

There are four fundamental aspects to Industrial IoT implementation: the hardware used for data acquisition, the data itself, the software used to analyze the data, and finally the connectivity – in other words, the network that ties together all the other aspects.

Here you'll find an overview of our hardware and software solutions for data acquisition and analysis. More information on networking and data transmission via OPC UA, MQTT and AMQP can be found in the  Industrial IoT overview.

IIoT data acquisition

Process data acquisition and business intelligence
Systematic acquisition of raw data directly from the production level in real time is essential in modern manufacturing. B&R solutions make it easy to manage operational and production data for machinery and plants seamlessly in a central location. Identify meaningful information in unsorted raw data. View key metrics in charts and tables.

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Data acquisition made easy
B&R's mapp Technology software package helps you take the first step towards your Industrial IoT solution by collecting data with application-specific software blocks. Measure productivity using mapp OEE, for example. Data is preselected based on relevance, then recorded and processed in high quality. This provides the perfect foundation for highly effective analysis.

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Digital remote access

Secure remote maintenance
B&R's Secure Remote Maintenance makes diagnosing and maintaining machinery and equipment easier than ever. The solution utilizes the latest IT and security standards and allows for significant savings with low investment costs.

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Cloud connectivity
B&R edge devices continuously exchange data with an external cloud solution. Combine heterogeneous data sources to leverage big data analysis. Benefit from long-term archiving and analysis. B&R system solutions offer fully integrated solutions to connect with any cloud service provider.

Smart predictive functions

Condition monitoring
B&R offers condition monitoring as a pre-installed, pre-configured package that makes implementing predictive maintenance more straightforward than ever. Condition monitoring allows you to forecast and plan service more efficiently to maximize your machine's uptime.

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Energy monitoring
B&R's energy monitoring package allows you to measure, record and analyze energy consumption to support your continuous improvement process. Calculate and improve the effectiveness of individual axes or your entire plant. Configure automated reactions to optimize consumption.

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Industrial IoT with unreliable Internet connection

Process data acquisition, improved lifecycle management, predictive maintenance and even long-term archiving can all be implemented with B&R solutions – even without a continuous connection to the Internet. Machinery and equipment are networked with X20 I/O modules, an X20 CPU module and an industrial PC. The X20 module aggregates the data, the CPU module handles the applications for normal operation, and the industrial PC is able to store the data temporarily when there is no Internet connection. As soon as the connection is reestablished, the industrial PC – serving as an Edge Controller – sends the aggregated data to the cloud. From there, a detailed overview of machinery and equipment performance can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The Industrial IoT solution package enables you to improve lifecycle management and implement condition-based predictive maintenance. Even if you can't rely on your Internet connection, you can always rely on B&R to bring you the benefits of the Industrial IoT.

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