Montáž zdravotnických pomůcek

Flexibilita při montáži zdravotnických pomůcek

Menší výrobní šarže, léky přizpůsobené požadavkům zákazníka a nekonečný proces optimalizace TCO a OEE - potřeba adaptivních řešení při výrobě zdravotnických prostředků nikdy nebyla tak naléhavá.

The challenges of the industry and the opinions about the adaptive machine are summed up in the e-paper:

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Adaptive manufacturing

Leaders in medical device assembly are creating solutions with the unprecedented ability to produce multiple product types – enabling small-batch flexibility without compromising productivity. This is a new generation of adaptive machines, uniquely efficient at automating dynamic changes.  

B&R has been developing innovative hardware and software solutions for more than 40 years. Our automation know-how, customer experience and culture of innovation make us the perfect technology partner for adaptive machinery in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Automate manual tasks
  • Reduce total cost of production
  • Boost OEE
  • Produce small batches economically

For medical device manufacturers, performance starts with data. It starts with full, real-time control and traceability of each step and station in the production line, every shuttle moving material and every operation being performed. All these things generate data specific to the material being produced.

This data can be transferred to analysis and reporting systems in real time, and used to optimize the performance of adaptive machines. The ability to convert data into wisdom is the foundation of productivity and efficiency.

An adaptive machine is able to divert individual products from the production flow – for any reason, at any time – without interfering with overall production.

This sets the stage for efficient and economical mass customization, and also creates possibilities for efficient in-line quality checks that assure 100% quality while maintaining production speed and reducing loss during production.

Unprecedented productivity

Adaptive manufacturing creates entirely new solutions to challenges that would be difficult if not impossible to solve using a conventional approach.

More productivity per m² of floorspace

Adaptive manufacturing solutions offer new ways to reduce the footprint of a production line.

Zmenšete zástavbovou plochu

The movement of products through the line can be adapted at any time based on their characteristics. A prime example of this is the use of anti-sloshing. Movement parameters can be adjusted depending on fluid type, container dimensions and fill height.

Anti-sloshing makes it possible to use a shorter container, since the liquid or powder does not reach up as high in the container during movement. Reducing container size helps reduce packaging material. Reducing packaging material benefits the environment and lowers the total cost of production.

Vyrábějte účinněji se SuperTrakem.

  • Maximum throughput regardless of individual machine speeds
  • Gap closing functionality ensures no boxes with products need rework


Plná integrace, žádné kompromisy

Plná integrace, žádné kompromisy

There's no longer a need for separate hardware and separate communication. The machine doesn't need to wait for the robot, nor does the robot need to wait for the machine.

A Machine-Centric Robotics solution plays an important role in producing more medical devices per m² floorspace.

Small-batch production with large-batch efficiency

This is the promise of adaptive manufacturing. And it's a promise that B&R is already delivering on today.

Divergent material flows can merge on the fly to form small batches of medical devices or custom kits and packs at full production speed. All perfectly orchestrated by a central control system and with seamless monitoring of operations and performance.

Security is built in, and full traceability ensures transparency of both live and historical data.

  • This is the adaptive manufacturing solution for:
  • Personalized therapies, clinical trials
  • Self-administered, single-use, needle-free
  • Pre-filled syringes, autoinjectors, simple injection
  • Flexible dosing, wearables, combination products

Innovation in action

PIA: Compact cleanroom

PIA Automation uses track technology in an innovative process module to assemble medical devices both inside and outside the cleanroom. Zjistit více

K&S: Crucial flexibility

For K&S, the flexibility of independently controlled workpiece carriers is crucial to their ability to handle unexpected last-minute changes in requirements, or even entirely new products. Zjistit více

IMA: Future-proof productivity

GEAF: Product transport fast and precise

In this video, GEAF shows a Supertrak system used for the new machines; it grants product transportation extremely precise and fast, with no wear, no powder, no contaminants, perfect for the clean rooms.

Build your success on our expertise

Are you ready to move into a future where you can effortlessly adapt, scale and customize with consistently high productivity on a remarkably small footprint? B&R has the automation technology to make it possible. But more than that, we have the adaptive manufacturing expertise to make it happen.

As your technology partner, B&R will be there for you from the initial concept until the completed line is up and running. Let's talk today about your goals and how we can help you get there, or schedule a meeting to discuss how to turn adaptive manufacturing into your competitive advantage.

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