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Real added value for your machines

Next generation industrial transport technology delivers key advantages for advanced manufacturing solutions. The flexible, operator-friendly conveyors make production more efficient while simultaneously improving product quality. Make your line more economic and effective at any volume – from mass production down to batch size one.

This new technology from B&R features independent shuttles moved by permanent magnets along a long-stator linear motor track. Product movements can be configured individually, including variable speed and acceleration as well as batch grouping and ungrouping. The dramatic increase in processing speed makes your line more productive.

Fully flexible product transport

Each shuttle is controlled independently. Starting and ending positions, speed and acceleration curves can all be tailored conveniently via software to the needs of a particular product. B&R's next generation transport technology also enables automated, software-driven changeovers without any operator interaction – perfect for batch-size-one production.

Speed and spacing can be varied on-the-fly to link machines that require different product positioning.

More integration, smaller footprint

The linear motor design and the integration of motor and motion control in one device drastically reduce your equipment's footprint and save valuable space on the production floor.

Independent product transport enables seamless transitions between batch and continuous-flow processes without costly buffers and staging zones.

Higher production speed, more productivity

Linear motor conveyor technology enables fast, dynamic positioning. Products arrive at each station in a precisely defined position and don't need to be adjusted – shaving valuable time off of every production cycle. Output can typically be increased by as much as 50%.

Greater precision, less waste

Workpiece positioning repeatability of +/-10 µm allows for extremely tight synchronization with CNC axes and robots for increased production quality and significantly reduced waste.

At a 3-axis processing station, the axis parallel to the track can be replaced by the movement of the shuttle itself.

Gentle transport

B&R's flexible, intelligent conveyors prevent collisions that leave marks on product packaging when transported on conventional belts.

Specially designed motion profiles can also minimize sloshing in open containers and prevent spills.

Clean room production technology

The linear motor construction reduces moving parts to an absolute minimum and significantly reduces dirt from mechanical friction compared to the belts and chains of conventional conveyors. This prevents soiling and contamination of sensitive products and reduces cleaning costs. The technology is particularly well suited for use in clean rooms.

Additional advantages:

  • Improved fault tolerance
  • Faulty redundant stations can be disabled via the HMI
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Regeneration of braking energy
  • Elimination of energy-intensive pneumatic stoppers
  • Reduced noise levels
  • Fewer moving parts
  • Dramatically reduced maintenance
  • Minimal moving parts
  • Minimal wear on wheels, guides and bearings through frictionless electromagnetic actuation
  • Ergonomic design for easy access and quick maintenance
  • High availability
  • No torn belts or broken chains
  • High reliability for maximum uptime

From the technology to the product

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