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B&R's track-based transport systems let you move products through your production line more efficiently while simultaneously improving quality. This new technology from B&R features independent shuttles moved by permanent magnets along a long-stator linear motor track. Product movements can be configured individually, including variable speed and acceleration as well as batch grouping and ungrouping. The dramatic increase in processing speed makes your line more productive.

B&R's track systems are specially developed for industrial applications and offer an unprecedented level of robustness. The industrial-grade design ensures high availability and reliable 24/7 operation.

Boost quality

B&R's track systems can be fully integrated. This not only reduces the overall footprint of the line, but also improves processing precision. Individual processes can be perfectly coordinated with one another. External devices like robots can be synchronized in hard real time. High-precision processing is even possible on curve segments.

Rapid changeover

Short changeover times make a huge difference in day-to-day operation. Change products or formats with a tap on your HMI screen. Downtime for mechanical changeover can often be eliminated entirely. Adding or removing shuttles is also extremely fast and easy.

Faster means more productive

By eliminating the need for buffer zones, they allow for a substantial reduction in track length compared to conventional belt conveyors. They also make much more efficient use of the remaining space by utilizing curve sections and incorporating reverse movements. Products can be transported flexibly and independently and then grouped together at a station to be processed as a batch. Overall, the production process can be accelerated by up to 50% The tracks enable a substantial boost in productivity.

Clean room production technology

The linear motor construction reduces moving parts to an absolute minimum and significantly reduces dirt from mechanical friction compared to the belts and chains of conventional conveyors. This prevents soiling and contamination of sensitive products and reduces cleaning costs. The technology is particularly well suited for use in clean rooms.

Shorter cycle times compared to conventional conveyors

  • Higher operating speeds
  • Precision braking and acceleration
  • No need for buffer zones
  • Product movement controlled independently and individually

From four basic elements, ACOPOStrak can morph into any form – with open and closed track circuits arranged perfectly to meet the needs of your process.

Improved ease of use

  • Operator protection in accordance with applicable safety regulations
  • Fast product changeover
  • Quickly add or remove shuttles
  • Replace track segments quickly and easily – without having to dismantle the entire track
  • More quiet than conventional belt conveyors thanks to magnet technology

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