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B&R Automation Studio is the integrated software development environment that contains tools for all phases of a project. The controller, drive, communication, and visualization can all be configured in one environment. That reduces both integration time and maintenance costs.

Project management - Software on demand

Thanks to the system-oriented view of the project and division into functional packages, extensive projects can be clearly managed and programmed. The programmed and configured machine parts can then be assigned to different hardware configurations. In a project, you can manage multiple delivery states in addition to the testing environment for certain machine types, which can use varying software and hardware.

Programming - The right programming language for every application

The user is provided effective support by the programming languages integrated in Automation Studio (IEC 61131-3 and ANSI C) - which can also be combined as required - and by the modern architecture and structuring of the programming environment. All languages can access the same data types and use the same libraries and variables. In addition, Automation Studio supports simple and secure programming. [More...]

Integrated Visualization

The visualization system integrated in Automation Studio is an effective tool that can be used to create line displays as well as control integrated or remote XGA displays with keys and/or touch screens. This integration eliminates the need for external visualization tools, introducing cost savings for integrated machine visualization. Remote services such as VNC allow immediate remote operation and maintenance without additional expense. [More...].

Configuring drives - Simple solutions for positioning tasks

Automation Studio integrates all of the tools needed for positioning tasks. According to the motto "Configuring, not programming," even extremely complex motion applications can be realized in Automation Studio without having to resort to elaborate programming. PLCopen motion control function blocks conform to IEC 61131-3 and are even available to the user as an option directly when programming. [More...]


Automation Studio provides a wide selection of diagnostic tools for reading system information and for optimizing the system. Using the System Diagnostics Manager, extensive information about the target system can be read using standard Web access.

Remote maintenance - From process management to firmware exchange and everything in between

Machines and systems are often operated in remote locations. As a result, service and maintenance tasks are generally dominated by travel expenses. Remote diagnostics and remote maintenance lower the risk, particularly during warranty periods. Whether performing hardware diagnostics, setting values or utilizing assisted machine operation, the integration of VNC, a Web server and remote programming provides valuable services for all phases of a machine's life cycle.

Communication and fieldbus systems

In Automation Studio, a fieldbus device is added to the corresponding fieldbus interface and configured like an I/O module. When using the import function for a device description from the respective supplier (GSD, EDS, etc.), the same interface is available to the user as is available for any other I/O module. As an open standard for setting parameters and configuring fieldbus devices for automation, the integrated FDT/DTM technology makes it easy to integrate fieldbus devices using familiar methods. This simplifies integration and minimizes the amount of programming and commissioning work needed. [More...]

Real-time operating systems - Scalability and investment security

An integral component of Automation Studio is the real-time operating system, the software kernel that allows applications to run on a target system. This guarantees the highest possible performance for the hardware being used.

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