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B&R Safety technology is now fully integrated into the mapp Technology toolkit. mapp Safety makes it easier than ever to design, maintain and troubleshoot safety applications. In addition, mapp Safety automatically communicates with other mapp components, such as the user role and audit systems.

  • Highlights
  • Simple approach to safety technology
  • Safe line automation
  • Integrated with other mapp components

The full range of functions included in mapp Safety is available after upgrading to Automation Studio 4.6. During installation of the Technology Package, the proper firmware is automatically installed on all B&R safety components, considerably simplifying configuration and preventing errors.

The integrated networking with other mapp components allows easy configuration of access rights for the safety controller. The central user role system provided by mapp User manages all users and access rights while protecting against tampering. Information is exchanged between mapp User and mapp Safety automatically – the application designer doesn't have to program a single line of code.

Secure communication between controllers

B&R safety controllers have always been able to communicate with each other. With mapp Safety, however, configuring this communication has become much easier. Safety-related communication between different plant components can now be set up faster than ever.

Safe selection of operating mode

With the Safe Operator Settings function, the operating mode is easily selected via the HMI application. The operator can also define safe parameters via the HMI application. B&R provides pre-certified mapp and HMI components for this purpose.

The components in mapp View, the web-based HMI solution, have been optimized and redesigned. Any B&R panel can be used as an operating device. The ability to use devices without safety certification in this way is unique on the market.

The access rights for the Safe Operator Settings function are defined in mapp User, with all user interactions documented in mapp Audit. In this way, it is always possible to trace who has changed which parameter, and when. This facilitates machine development in accordance with FDA 21 Part 11 requirements.

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