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Touch panels have been used for many years to provide a way for operators to control systems and machines. Many devices previously operated using buttons and keys have since been replaced by more versatile touch screens.

The advantages are clear: Whereas function keys must be relabeled with slide-in labels when they are reassigned, this is possible on touch screen displays with simple software settings. At the same time, HMI applications have developed over the years to provide much more logical and intuitive operation. This not only makes interaction much faster, it also helps avoid operating errors by facilitating a clear arrangement of buttons and providing much more detailed information.

Lots of room for information

With display sizes up to 24", widescreen systems can handle all of the demands of today's HMI in industrial environments. With the expanded width and generally higher resolution, it is possible to include even more information on each screen – an enormous advantage for user ergonomics and error-free, intuitive operation of the machine or system.

Multi-touch technology

  • New dimensions when designing innovative user interactions
  • Much more intuitive operator guidance
  • Zoom function to aid commissioning and service personnel
  • Avoidance of false tripping with two-hand operation
  • Reduction of operator levels
  • Improved ergonomics

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