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The technology used in packaging machines has made leaps and bounds over the past 15 years. Software and electronics have gained such significance that it is only accurate to speak in terms of mechatronic development.

Consumer trends and CPG marketing are setting the pace of packaging innovation, with the success of a machine dependent on its ability to adapt to new trends. Successful OEMs are offering solutions that drastically reduce time to market for new products.

Distributed automation was the first step to modular machine development. B&R has supported this concept from the very beginning, and today provides a complete range of hardware and software solutions that facilitate the most complex mechatronic developments in operation, visualization, control and drive technology.

POWERLINK and openSAFETY, X20 and X67 I/O modules, ACOPOSmotor and ACOPOSremote drives, multi-touch HMI panels and keypad modules are only a few examples of how B&R provides the necessary flexibility for distributed automation architectures.

A new era begins

We are currently on the cusp of a new era, where electronics and software will once again change the way we think about industrial process implementation and development. A glimpse into the future:

  • Interaction between robotics, motion control and product flow will be vision-guided and self-learning.
  • Constant product inspection throughout the entire packaging process will ensure an unprecedented level of product security as a basis for OEE calculation.
  • Track-and-trace will develop into complete serialization of individual components.
  • The safety of human-machine and human-robot interactions will be completely certified to ensure the highest possible level of security and efficiency.
  • Software-based safety technology prevents unauthorized manipulation.
  • Self-diagnostics and predictive maintenance will continue to increase machine and plant uptime.
  • The development of HMI and automation software will follow global standards; interaction with plants will grow more simple, efficient and seamless.

Whatever trends might shape the future of the packaging machine landscape, you'll find B&R breaking ground at the forefront, pioneering the next generation of innovative automation solutions. Tap into B&R's experience and expertise to drive your success in the packaging industry.

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