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A comprehensive help system is included with Automation Studio. In addition, there are a large number of training modules and user's manuals that fully document B&R products and explain how they are used.

Automation Studio and Automation Help

Automation Help represents all product documentation for Automation Studio. All of the content in the user's manuals are included here. In the Getting Started section, sample programs and library samples are provided to help you with your first tasks. An overview of the programming languages and diagnostic tools are also provided. In the training modules, where orange question mark symbols appear, there are links to Automation Help entries.

Automation Studio V4.4

The help symbol in the training modules
Training modules

Our training modules contain images to help guide trainees through a topic. Many examples and exercises are provided to make it easier to understand complex relationships. The training modules rely heavily on Automation Help. Valid login data, which can be obtained from your administrator, is required.

See Training modules.

User's manuals

The user's manuals for all B&R products are available in the downloaded section of the B&R website. The complete documentation can also be found in the Automation Studio help system in the "Hardware" section.

YouTube videos

YouTube videos

In addition to the company presentation, B&R's YouTube channel also contains many interesting statements from various industries in the field of automation. As an introduction, we recommend that you have a look at B&R's YouTube channel to get a feel for what automation really means and to find out about the challenging tasks that face technicians and engineers.

B&R YouTube channel

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