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Newsletter 10/2020

Get a technician on site without the flight

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For a machine builders, serving a global customer base comes with challenge. Maintenance work that can only be carried out with the help of the manufacturer is very resource intensive. Secure Remote Maintenance can help – by allowing OEMs to perform service and maintenance from anywhere in the world with very fast response times.

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A complete package of safety possibilities

A broad portfolio of safety technology makes it easier to design your safety solution. Now you can use the proven safety sensors from ABB Jokab directly with B&R's integrated safety technology.

Safety first

Intelligent cooling opens up new potential

In highly dynamic applications, large numbers of shuttles accelerate and brake on certain track segments. An integrated cooling system built right into the motor segments is able provide targeted cooling where it is needed, with no additional installation required.

Keep your cool

A change for the better

New laws and regulatory changes can have a dramatic impact on the industries they apply to. Faced with just such a situation, one manufacturer of biogas plants saw an opportunity to change control systems. The project began with specifications listing over 100 requirements and a tightly calculated budget.

Master the art of adaptation

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